The trouble with raffles

Raffles. They are tried and true fundraisers. And for events where everyone is present for the entire event, they are a great way to end the event.

But what about the fundraiser that sees many visitors go through the event, staying for perhaps 20 minutes. My experience is that organizers draw the tickets at the end. Few winners are in residence. Phone calls are made, pick-up arrangements made – it’s kind of a hassle.

Enter the Tombola

The Tombola fixes all that. There is a barrel full of tickets. Players spin the Tombola and pull a ticket. Some will be winners. Some will not. If the player pulls a “win” ticket, s/he simply chooses a prize from the selection and that is it! Done.

What is a Tombola?

A traditional English Tombola; similar to that which Tom Barnaby ran at a Summer Fete, in one episode of MidSomer Murders. On Netflix!

We’re a non- profit and this was out of our reach, so….

…we made one!!

With some cardboard, duct tape, water paints, bamboo pole, buttons, yarn and a couple of cardboard magazine holders to hold it up, we made our own Tombola. Click for a virtual spin.

Come play the Tombola!

Come visit the next Social Market. One in five chances of winning. Children always walk away with something 🙂