• Tombola
  • Tickets (numbered eg. 001 to 200) – you can reuse these.
  • Twenty prizes – one in five tickets will be winners
  • Consolation prizes for children (you can also have consolation prizes for adults)
  • A float with change
  • A host or two to run the game

How to play Tombola at Our Social Market

A player purchases a “spin.” One spin costs $2.

Some people may have a coupon for a free spin. Collect these as people use them.

Player spins the Tombola (must go all the way around at least once.)

Host opens the Tombola and invites player to put hand in Tombola to choose a ticket (no peeking!)

Player takes out ticket and gives it to host.

Host determines if player is a winner. All tickets ending in 05 and 10 are winners.

IF the player WINS: Host asks winner to choose a prize. At Our Social Market we provide 20 prizes for adults and 20 prizes for children.

IF the player DOES NOT WIN, host thanks them for playing and supporting the market.

If the player is a child (approximately 12 and under)

…host offers the child the choice of ONE item from the “kid bin.” Every child should walk away with something.

In some cases we may have an “adult bin” for adults who do not win, so that everyone walks away with something.

Want to rent our Tombola for your function?

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