Our Social Marketplace Society is a non-profit community organization working out of Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia. This is year one. While we work on definitions, here is a start.


The primary goals of the Social Marketplace Society include (1) provide an all-inclusive, supportive market space to social enterprises, non-profits, fundraisers and youth entrepreneurs (2) provide easy access to, and enable, social spending.



The word synergy means 1 + 1 = much more than 2.

French Journalist Henri Mazel (1864-1947) wrote of “social synergy” (la synergie sociale) or “social love” to describe “a collective evolutionary drive.”

Mazel observed that individuals working in groups achieved more than the sum of their parts. More can be accomplished together than when alone. The observation was in response Darwin (1809–1882) who, according to Mazel, did not account for the synergy phenomenon when developing his Theory of Evolution. (See wikipedia.com, commons.wikimedia.org.)

The idea of synergy stuck and today mainstream media, academia and the english speaking world recognize “synergy” as meaning “more than the sum of its parts.”


Our projects are designed to meet the goals of Our Marketplace Society.

Our Social Market (OSM). The Society organizes, funds and hosts a 5-hour market, inviting non-profits, fundraisers and youth entrepreneurs (vendors) to set up a table.

Tables are always FREE.

Vendors and visitors are the heart of this non-profit. An important part of the market is providing vendors and visitors small tokens of appreciation and terrific raffles. At the June market we provided vendors with a free raffle ticket, a coupon for a spin of the Tombola and made every effort to promote our vendors in Our Social Market News (in print and online), as well as our Facebook page.

Resources. A second avenue to achieving the goal of the Society is finding and promoting successful fundraising programs, and accessing the most cost-effective resources non-profits require.

Our Social Market Directory. A third avenue to achieving the goal is to construct a directory of non-profits, fundraisers and youth entrepreneurs – their goals, benefactor(s) and what they market.

A directory (1) facilitates social spending and (2) enables non-profits, fundraisers and youth entrepreneurs with shared goals to find – and support – each other.

Engage Youth. A fourth avenue to achieving the goal is to offer youth the opportunity to learn about and exercise their marketing skills and be in a position to donate to a cause of their choice.


Funding comes from our own fundraising efforts, private donations, advertising and sponsorship. Currently, we are particularly grateful to everyone who purchased a rain barrel at the rain barrel events in Lower Sackville and Bible Hill, to Darrell Samson, MP, who believed in the mission and purchased advertising at the locations of Our Social Markets and in Our Social Market News, and to visitors of Our Social Markets for shopping with us.

Our fundraisers include:

  • Our Social Market News we sell advertising/promotional space.
  • Social Media – we sell advertising/promotional space
  • Tombola – we split profits with a youth fundraiser; the youth run the Tombola and the Society provides the prize table including private donations and donations from businesses, non-profits, our vendors and representatives of government
  • My Smart Art Book – Volume 1 and Volume 2. $5 for a pdf, $10 for a printed copy or $100 for a MS Publisher file so you may edit
  • Printable Gifts — for birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day and special occasions. A Book about my Mom; A Book about my Dad; A Book about my Friend; A Book about my Pet, A Book about My Bike — you get the idea. Guaranteed to grow a heart by one size. $2 for a pdf, $2 for a printed copy or $20 for an MS Publisher file that you may edit and print for personal use.
  • Our Social Market table: We create crafts from donations of craft supplies and sewing supplies and market them. We regularly sell peace-themed suncatchers for $2 at the market. Frequently supporters will donate items to the Society – we market them at the table.
  • Earth Day Rain Barrel Event (look for it on or around April 22 in 2020!)
  • We always have a Book and Magazine Donation Table at the Our Social Market – we will recycle books and magazines.

2018-2019 Season

During the 2018-2019 season Our Social Markets were held in November 2018, January, February, March and June, 2019. We published Our Social Market News in March, April and June as well as two volumes of Our Smart Art Book. The June edition of Our Social Market News included an introduction to Our Social Market Directory. We published a successful A Book about my Dad and A Book about my Bike.

In April 2019, the Society partnered with Sackville Community Food Garden and Acadia Recreation Club to host the Earth Day Rain Barrel Event. A huge success, the event inspired more events across Nova Scotia.

Summer 2019

During the summer of 2019 we will be promoting OSM at the Sackville Youth Expo in June and at the Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development CEED in July, where the Social Marketplace Society’s founder, Roberta Hibbert, will be speaking about youth entrepreneurship.

We are working on the nuts and bolts of the Society – we need committed directors to complete the 5-member (minimum) Board and members interested in committee work – administration, finance, sales, coding/tech and volunteer coordination.

Next Our Social Market

The next Social Market will be held in September 2019, date and location yet to be determined.


“Everyone has the right to volunteer.”

-Tracey Randem, Volunteer Organizer in Halifax Regional Municipality, 2018

We are committed to finding a space for people who want to volunteer whether that is two hours every week from home, a few hours at the monthly market or attending weekly meetings or bi-weekly meetings.

Many volunteer jobs can be accomplished from home without pressure to attend meetings or events.

We welcome student placements and providing references for our Volunteers.

Thank you

The Society is grateful for our volunteers, vendors, visitors and the folks who help fund Our Social Markets. We are humbled by and appreciate every single effort.

From the March, 2019 Our Social Market News. To create content, the Social Marketplace Society makes use of Canva.com – FREE to use. Easy to learn.

What do you think?

If you have a comment or idea or even a criticism, we are happy to hear. Please do not hesitate to contact us.