Poster: Auction Item for Sackville Bedford Special Olympics - Four tickets to Men's U-19 Floorball World Championship, Opening games at Zatzman Dartmouth CANADA vs GERMANY, p.m. Poster and campaign by Our Social Market (c) 2019.

It just does. We underestimated the pace at which Our Social Market is growing and were stunned but thrilled to be able to pass on the Social Market’s good fortune.

April 2019, Beaver Bank. Our Social Market has donated rain barrels to two local elementary schools in Beaver Bank for their Spring Fair auction. We donated a rain barrel to a Scouts Canada group after the boys helped out at the Truckload Rain Barrel event. We were given ten tickets to raffle at the rain barrel event by (thank you Anthony!) to see opening games of World Floorball Championship – Canada vs. Germany. Instead we gave them away. Four went to the Sackville Bedford Special Olympics annual Dinner and Auction. Four are prizes in a Facebook Give-Away to get the word out about the event on behalf of, played at the Zatzman Dartmouth Sportsplex and the Halifax Dalplex. And we are not done. Thank you community for local, social spending!

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