Square Roots delivers affordable food at the community level. For $5 or $10 (as you wish) you get 10 good pounds of vegetables including root vegetables and some apples. A great deal. Thank you to Saint Mary’s University, Enactus and Lower Sackville Square Roots / Sackville Community Food Garden. Come get your 10 pound bundle at the next Social Market! Follow us to get notifications of the next date, time and place of the next Social Market. It’s a hearty market. It’s a savvy social. It’s a Social Market.

Please visit:



Square Roots by Enactus, Saint Mary's University and Square Roots Sackville, Nova Scotia offer ten good pounds of root vegetables and apples bundles for $5 or $10 per bundle. Social Market is thrilled to offer a Square Roots table at the next Social Market in Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia at Brown Hall at 351 Beaver Bank Road on March 30 from 9:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. Every one is welcome.

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